Weddings & events

We have many years of experience with weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, etc. and our team is well prepared to handle such events.

Right setting for your wedding or event.

We are happy to offer the right festive setting for such events. Whether the ceremony takes place in our beautiful palm garden, on the beach, on the breathtaking natural platform above Cala Carbó, where only the sea lies between the guests and Es Vedrá, or whether one of Ibiza’s romantic churches forms the setting, is up to you. However, we will be happy to advise you. We are happy to arrange the celebration and decorate our restaurant/bar/terrace according to the occasion.

We are able to meet special requests for special furnishings, live music and/or DJs together with wedding planners and other professional companies specialising in such services.

For the banquet, we will be happy to suggest individual menus and drinks for you.

Depending on the season, we have capacity for sixty (spring/autumn) or one hundred (summer) persons. Whether smaller or larger parties, you are very welcome.

Most guests of a celebration are accommodated in superior apartments (2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, terrace / balcony, sea view), as this is our most common type of accommodation and the most even accommodation possible. But we also have a few accommodations for two persons.

The superior apartments can be occupied by two, three or four people.

Half board is obligatory for groups (at least on five days), remaining days with breakfast. Full board can be booked. Vegetarian or on request also vegan food can be offered on request.

Please note that we reserve the right to accept another group, especially for smaller groups, so that the yoga hall is used together in a shared time frame.

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